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The clear aligner course that has taken the UK by storm has finally arrived in the US, Learn the protocols that are based on almost 10,000 cases that are now helping hundreds of GDPs and Specialists to regain control of their clear aligner therapy and make every case 100% predictable.

- 16 HOURS CE -


Upcoming Course Dates

  • 2-3rd May 2025 (Los Angeles - Andaz West Hollywood)
  • Course Fee: $2,498
  • Limited early bird seats available: $2,198
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What is the Complete Aligner Programme

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This combines theoretical teaching with live clincheck demonstrations covering all aspects of Invisalign from consultation, records, perfect clincheck planning, clinical aspects relating to placement of attachments and IPR, appointment management, predictable finishing and retention.

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Doctor Damon and Ramtin Taheri and Dr Marinopoulos have amassed their wealth of experience and years of learning into one succinct and complete 2 day Programme, after which our delegates will be ready to tackle even the toughest case with full confidence.

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This course combines theoretical teaching with Clincheck planning.

BOOK NOW 2-3rd May 2025

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The benefits of introducing and mastering Invisalign® in your clinic

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There has never been a better time to introduce Invisalign® to your clinic. More and more patients are becoming aware of the benefits of Invisalign® through the extensive marketing presence of Invisalign® and word of mouth from the millions of already treated patients.

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Clear Aligners have completely revolutionised the world of Orthodontics since their introduction. If their use is mastered, most malocclusions can be treated by it successfully. However, due to lack of knowledge and education when it comes to this field, less than desirable outcomes are often encountered.

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The Complete Aligner Programme was developed to allow you to become well versed in the use of aligners so that you can take on a wider range of cases and to complete these to an excellent standard with more confidence and much better practice efficiency.

About Us

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Dr Ilias Marinopoulos

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics as well as a Masters with Distinction. Dr Marinopoulos has successfully treated thousands of cases, achieving and maintaining Diamond status for many years. He is currently the 1 Specialist provider of Invisalign® in Europe.

He spends his time working between different private practices in Wimpole Street and Harley Street. Dr Marinopoulos and Dr Ramtin Taheri share their expertise and teach nationally and internationally on treatments with clear aligners.

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Dr Ramtin Taheri

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Ramtin Taheri also attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics. It was during this time that his interest peaked in Aligner therapy as he studied at one of the only universities in the world where Aligner therapy was part of the Post graduate degree.

Dr Taheri together with his brother Dr Damon Taheri, are Diamond providers of Invisalign® in their own practice, Dental On the Banks based in the Sandbanks area. Between them they have treated more than 1000 cases successfully and are two of the top Specialist Providers in Europe.

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Dr Damon Taheri

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Damon Taheri, like his brother Dr Ramtin Taheri, attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics. Similar to his brother, It was during this time that his interest peaked in Aligner therapy as he studied at one of the only universities in the world where Aligner therapy was part of the Post graduate degree.

Nationally, Dr Taheri mentors many other Orthodontic Specialists on the use of clear aligner therapy in complex cases.

What post course support is there?

Exclusive Facebook Group

Once you have attended the Complete Aligner Programme, you are invited to join an exclusive invitation only Facebook group for all past delegates where you can share your cases, clinchecks and problems and receive guidance and advice from past delegates and from our Specialists.

Free Monthly Webinars

You will have access to complimentary monthly webinars where you can ask any questions you have, repeat course material and go through cases.

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Difficulties that you can face when embarking into Invisalign®

Where to start?

As aligner market demand increases and penetration expands, this course will get you up to speed and refine your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Which cases are suitable for Invisalign®?

Without the confidence of having completed cases, it can be stressful knowing whether a patient is suitable for Invisalign®.

How to guarantee results for your patients?

It can also be stressful charging patients a lot of money and not be 100% certain that you can deliver the level of perfection that patients demand these days.

How long will the Invisalign® treatment be?

Without numerous treated cases, it can be difficult giving the patient an accurate treatment duration in order to manage patient expectations.

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How can the Complete Aligner Programme help?

All you ever need to know in one course

The Complete Aligner Programme combines:

  • • Specialist led teaching
  • • Experience of 6000+ completed cases
  • • The number 1 Specialist providers of Invisalign® in Europe

The Complete Aligner Programme leaves CAP delegates with an extensive and complete knowledge of Invisalign®, all in one succinct course, showing delegates never before taught techniques and tricks needed to master clear aligner therapy. Delegates leave feeling confident, with the ability to treat more cases and to more superior results, time and time again.

Provide clear and simple rules that can be easily reproduced for any case that presents to you

The Complete Aligner Programme will equip delegates with easy to follow rules and standardised systems so they know exactly how to design Clinchecks to achieve predictable and quick results every time.

The Complete Aligner Programme will demonstrate an extensive library of real cases with their corresponding clinchecks to help demonstrate over and over again, how to exactly treat all types of malocclusions with Invisalign®.

With the vast collection of cases demonstrated on this Programme, our delegates will be able to clearly identify the
broad range of uses of Invisalign®.

The Complete Aligner Programme will demonstrate how to manipulate the Clincheck to work in your advantage using Specialist knowledge, incorporated into simple and easy to understand biomechanics

Majority of starting Invisalign® users assume that Clincheck simulations are 100% real but in reality, this is far from the truth so the Complete Aligner Programme will show our delegates the differences between Simulation & Reality, as well as how and when to over-correct in order to compensate for this difference.

The Complete Aligner Programme will demonstrate the business and marketing model that can propel our delegates to become the top regional performers

The Complete Aligner Programme will show the complete digital workflow from virtual consultations, to follow ups, to the record taking appointment, the fit and beyond.

The Complete Aligner Programme will show our delegates step by step, how to maximise clinical efficiency.

Delegates will learn how to efficiently prepare attachment templates, placement of attachments, effective and safe interproximal reduction, amongst many other workflows.

How to combine Invisalign® with restorative dentistry. Learn how to idealise the teeth prior to implants, composite bonding, crowns and much more.

The CAP will demonstrate numerous ortho-restorative cases and help delegates understand how to seamlessly blend the two disciplines together.

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Record taking | Clinical Aspects of Invisalign

  • 1. What records to take
  • 2. How to take comprehensive records
  • 3. Digital scanning | Impressions
  • 4. How to prepare Invisalign trays and attachments prior to fit in order to maximise efficiency, efficacy and ease.
  • 5. How to fit Invisalign trays easily, quickly and yet to a high quality
  • 6. How to perform stress-free and accurate IPR
  • 7. How to perform refinement appointments
  • 8. Management of emergencies such as loss of attachments, trays, and improper fitting of the trays
  • 9. Placing bonded retainers
  • 10. Post Invisalign fit instructions

Treatment planning | Understanding Clincheck

  • 1. Learning the complete ins and outs of the Clincheck Pro software
  • 2. Discussion of all of the tools within the software to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning
  • 3. Attachments: What is their purpose, how do we design attachments and when and where are they used
  • 4. How do we incorporate IPR into our treatment
  • 5. Moving teeth with Aligners- Every type of orthodontic movement with aligners and the requirements to achieve this
  • 6. The importance of anchorage in Aligner treatment
  • 7. Use of Bolton Analysis in your diagnosis and treatment planning
  • 8. When and how to overcorrect
  • 9. Virtual C-chain

How to treat all Malocclusions

  • 1. Extensive library of real treated cases demonstrated, covering all malocclusions, along with their corresponding Clincheck plans
  • 2. Deep bites
  • 3. Treating the Transversal dimension & Arch Development
  • 4. Open bites
  • 5. Considerations when solving crowding
  • 6. Class II Malocclusions and ways to solve this
  • 7. Class III Malocclusions and ways to solve this
  • 8. Use of elastics
  • 9. The importance of the correct staging during treatment to improve the predictability of movements
  • 10. Finishing tips and tricks
  • 11. Bite settling
  • 12. Debond
  • 13. Retention protocols
  • 14. Extraction with Invisalign
  • 15. Impacted canines

Multi-Disciplinary Planning

  • 1. What factors need to considered when treating a multi-disciplinary case
  • 2. Idealising space for implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers
  • 3. Treating peg shaped laterals
  • 4. Periodontal considerations with Invisalign
  • 5. Idealising tooth position prior to gum grafts, gingivectomies and crown lengthening
  • 6. Creating bone orthodontically prior to implant placement
  • 7. Creating occlusal clearance prior to restorative work

Streamlining Aspects of Invisalign

  • 1. How to increase profits using Invisalign
  • 2. How to streamline every step of the Invisalign Journey to minimise wasted time and maximise efficacy
  • 3. How often to see your patients
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Cancellation Policy

Upcoming Course Dates

  • 30-31 May 2025 (Los Angeles - Venue TBC)
  • Course Fee: $2,498
  • Limited early bird seats available: $2,198
BOOK NOW 2-3rd May 2025

More dates to be released soon

Cancellation Policy


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